Thursday, October 9, 2008

Behind The Mask Of The Clown

Conny Larsson - Behind The Mask Of The Clown

  • Pod Maska Klauna

  • Bakom Clownens Maska

  • Hinter der Maske des Clowns

  • Iza Clowns maska

  • Klauni za maskou

  • Bag klovner Mask

  • Achter clowns masker

  • Sa likod ng Clowns mask

  • Takana klovneja Mask

  • Derriere le masque des clowns

  • Hinter der Clowns-Maske

  • Detras de la mascara de payasos

  • Maly Bozy Klown - Prawdy, Seks I Sekty

  • Dietro la maschera del clown

  • Behind The Clown’s Mask - Politics, Sex And Sects

Author: Conny Larsson
Publisher: Basava Premanand (in English)
ISBN 91-974438-5-9 9

Conny Larsson’s Amusing Gratitude:
THANKS To all of You who during the last five years have kept me going, when I have fallen into the deep valleys of memory, I wish to express my profound gratitude. To those of You who have tried to make me give up and keep silent, to those who are in denial, I direct my particular gratitude for, paradoxically, You roused my inner strength to fight against untruth and injustice. To the prisoners in Wiezhowo Prison I turn with even deeper gratitude, as they taught me to value the freedom of which they themselves were deprived. They finally enabled me to leave my self-imposed prison, my sect.

That’s right, Conny Larsson compared his devotee years to a prisoner at “Wiezhowo Prison”. These are the typical types of cheap theatrics employed by professional actor and psychotherapist Conny 'The Clown' Larsson.

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