Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conny Larsson - False IP Attribution

Conny Larsson Cited The Wrong IP Header Against Joe Moreno:
Conny Larsson claimed that Joe Moreno used an anonymous IP and that his IP resolved to Conny’s email provider is ( Moreno decided to set up his own account to view the type of headers used on their emails (and compare them to the headers that Conny Larsson attributed to him).

Moreno sent an email from his account to his new account and discovered that Conny Larsson purposely lied about Moreno’s IP. Indeed, an IP appeared in “X-ob-received line”, however, Moreno’s IP clearly showed up in the “received” line, below the “message-ID” line. Here is the relevant information (click on thumbnail to enlarge):

The: “X-Ob-Received: from unknown (” resolves to IANA, however, the “Received: from []” is the correct line that shows Moreno’s IP. Compare these headers with the incorrect headers that Conny Larsson posted and attributed to Moreno:

Return-Path: vishvarupa108(a.t.)
Received: (qmail 15141 invoked by uid 0); 9 Nov 2005 23:52:04 -0000
X-OB-Received: from unknown ( by; 9 Nov 2005 23:52:04 -0000
Received: from ( [])

Another perfect example of the hypocrisy and chronic lies that Conny Larsson & Co. resort to smear Moreno’s name. Conny purposely posted only 5 lines when there were actually 12 lines (leaving out the line that had Moreno’s IP). Anyone is free to set up a account and verify this information first-hand for him/her self. Needless to say, Robert Priddy repeated Conny’s lie about Moreno’s IP like a well trained parrot.