Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conny Larsson - Libel Against Moreno

Conny Larsson - Libel Against Moreno
It should come as no surprise that Anti-Sai Activists are telling their pathological lies about Joe Moreno yet again. On Conny Larsson's Anti-Sai Website ( the following libelous and fraudulent information was published against Moreno (click on thumbnail to enlarge):

The cited posts selectively edited out sections to my responses and no links were provided to the original posts. View the original posts for yourself: 2626 - 2311 - 2402 - 2338 - 2332 - 192 -95.

The faceless "cowardly creature" who wrote the article said:

"Funny that Joe claims Sai Baba defends the cause of homosexuals.. by being homosexual himself! But Sai Baba has condemned homosexuals in no uncertain terms. Agaist allegation that he is a homosexual, Sai baba has repeatedly claimed instead 'I am pure'! Mr. Mo-Joe, however, thinks it is cause for lol (which stands for "lots of laughter" ) that one of Sai Baba's sex victims has himself declared he is a homosexual. Joe is sure confused on this issue."

Needless to say, Moreno never made the comment falsely attributed to him. Anti-Sai Activists fraudulently recorded post 2338 under Moreno's registered name of "Joe108" (post 2338 was actually posted under the name "Joe Moreno" by another user). Therefore, Moreno never said that Sathya Sai Baba defends the cause of homosexuals. It is amusing that these faceless critics deride homosexuality and purposely ignore the fact that Conny Larsson publicly admitted being a bisexual and that he had sex with men. These derisive homosexual slurs are the object of even more amusement considering the fact that they are published on bisexual Larsson's Anti-Sai website (which I think deserves a "lol").

The following screencap proves that UsedByBaba posted the comment 2338 under the IP range 59.92 (he actually has six other IPs as well). Moreno took over the QuickTopic board and upgraded it to the Pro-version, giving him access to all the IPs (click on thumbnail to enlarge):

Once again, this goes to show how shabby Anti-Sai Activists research their "facts" and how they purposely and maliciously distort and falsify information to further their smear campaigns against Moreno (something the do with Sathya Sai Baba as well). They blindly and foolishly believe assinine comments made under Moreno's name and immediately attribute these assinine comments to him despite their obvious fraudulence.

Although Ex-Devotees claim they take great offence at Moreno's so-called "defamations", they take no such offence at their own thousands of proven defamations against Pro-Sai Activists, Sai Devotees, Sathya Sai Baba and Moreno. Anti-Sai Activist's are liars and deceivers with proof.