Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conny Larsson's Alleged Childhood Abuse

Conny Larsson’s Contradictory Claims About His Childhood Abuse
Conny Larsson related various conflicting accounts about being sexually abused as a child (memories he “recovered” 39 years later in his adulthood).

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“When I was 4 years old up to 8 years I was abused orally by my fathers alchoholic friend. This occured during the nights when my father had fallen asleep, ususally friday evening/night. This caused me to loose my ability to speak. I was mute all up to age of 12 when I started to get professional help” (Conny claimed he was abused for four years and was mute up to the age of 12.)

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“I grew up in an abusive family and had such a tough childhood that I couldn’t even speak clearly before I was ten years old.” (Conny claimed he could not speak clearly before the age of 10. Earlier, Conny said he was completely mute up to the age of 12.)

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“ I was four years old when my father’s drinking friend began to rape me, and that went on for six years” (Conny claimed he was abused for six years. Earlier, he said he was abused for four years.)

Conny Larsson went through seven years of psychoanalysis and “recovered” childhood, sexual abuse memories in 1999 (39 years after the abuse allegedly happened) after going through a “deprogramming” session with a well known psychiatrist. At the same time, Conny Larsson also realized that Sathya Sai Baba was a cheat and a fraud.

Much has been written on false and recovered memories, and although I am not saying that this is what happened to Conny Larsson, I am simply pointing out that “recovering” memories much later in one’s life may not be what it seems to be. The psychiatric data on recovered memories, and how therapists can make a patient create fake memories, is indeed voluminous Ref.

Conny Larsson’s exaggerations were well known by people who met him. 13 years after Sai Baba allegedly stopped “sexually abusing” Conny, he decided to find out why he let all of this happen. In the course of “many, many hours, a psychiatrist who was a well known deprogammer, diagnosed Conny as being “psycho infantile”, helped him recover 39 year old “suppressed” sexual abuse memories and helped him realize that Sathya Sai Baba was a fraud and a cheat! Conny understood “psycho infantile” to mean:

“I was just as a little child absolute innocent that had to put up with whatever growned-ups did with me, including GOD’s decision to act upon me in whatever way.”

However, that is not what “psychoinfantile” means. “Psychoinfantile” is a personality disorder that is characterized by self-dramatization, craving attention, theatricality and manipulative behavior that is used to achieve one’s own needs. Something that can be easily confirmed with any psychiatric book on personality disorders. This type of behavior (coincidentally) fits very well with Conny Larsson’s known tendency of self-dramatization, craving atteniton and theatricality. Connie Larsson has a very different understanding of what he was diagnosed with. Psychoinfantile people are seen with a much higher rate of schizophrenia. Not a very wise thing to do, broadcasting one’s psychiatric condition over the internet.

On this page, Conny said that the sexual abuse he couldn’t remember as a child (whose memories he had not yet recovered) made him into a “bisexual”. Conny Larsson’s suppressed memories did not prevent him from engaging in homosexual sex with men prior to meeting Sathya Sai Baba. I am not trying to deride Conny Larsson’s sexual orientation. Rather, I am attempting to show that his “suppressed memories” did not prevent him from having sex with men. Conny claimed he had sex with Sai Baba under duress because he “always did what he was told in order to save his life”! Conny Larsson never claimed that Sathya Sai Baba forced him to have sex but implied it was consentual.

Conny allegedly allowed Sai Baba to give him oral sex but refused to give oral sex because he was allegedly sexually molested as a child. How can this be when Conny Larsson had not yet recovered his memories of being abused? Obviously, Conny’s sexual abuse prevented him from giving oral sex, but didn’t prevent him from receiving it or having sex with other men! Conny said, on this page, that during the time he was abused by Sai Baba, he had not yet “recalled” his childhood abuse. Conny Larsson said:

“Still my inner voice did not wake up and I kept on hiding my own childhood trauma from my awareness…Could you not have made me aware of my subconscious in a different way?...I was betrayed in my childhood by adults, I lost my voice and ability to speak, but I could pray to God for help. It took years, different ways were tried, even yours but finally truth succeeded and I was brought back to my own inner voice again and thereby my own relation to God-within.”

However this would contradict his earlier assertion that he refused to give Sai Baba oral sex because of his childhood trauma. He hadn’t recovered his memories yet.

In May 2005, Conny Larsson said, “I had a crisis with God from 1998 until 2001 when I was damned angry with him.” However, on this page, Conny Larsson gave several talks at a Sai Regional Conference in September 1998 where he would break down crying and sobbing uncontrollably in deep devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. If Conny Larsson had a “crisis” in 1998, it was not evident in those talks he gave in 1998.