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Conny Larsson - Cult Leader?

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Is Conny Larsson Becoming A Cult Leader?
Conny Larsson solicits his profile on (an entire website mostly dedicated to him, his "Master Classes" and his Anti-Sai articles). Funny enough, most of Conny's "qualifications" came from Gurus he once worshipped, eventually turned against and accused of sexual impropriety:

  • 1965-1968 Conny Larsson is an educated actor at the Governmental Actingschool (Statens Scenskola) in Malmo-Sweden.

  • 1968-1975 He worked periodically as an comedian actor at Malmo Stadstheater.

  • 1969- Educated to teacher in meditation in Rishikesh-Himalya-India.

  • 1970- Educated to teacher in SCI (Science of Creative Intelligence in Livigno-Italy).

  • 1973- Private secretary to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founder of the TM organisation.

  • 1980- Founded and runned Karnan Home-Institute as a director and cheif therapist for drug addicts and severe criminals.

  • 1998- Founded in Sweden, Polen and Germany - the Vedic Mantra Meditation school.

  • 1998- 2006 Holding International courses and educating teachers in Vedic Mantra Meditation.

  • 2005- Published the book 'Bakom Clownens Maska'(Behind the Mask of the Clown).

  • 2006- Settling down in Cyprus for the Advanced Courses and for founding The Inter- national Master Class to be held forward.


The following comment is located on the website:

"Our aim is to create an atmosphere for open-minded discussions and freedom to chose whatever suites you best from the activities provided. Secterist views are not welcome."

The comment above is wholly contradictory. I guess the alleged "open-minded discussions" are not so open-minded afterall. Anyone with "secterist views" is not allowed to participate in Conny Larsson's "open minded discussions" and they are censored and prohibited from expressing their beliefs and experiences (sounds very cultish if you ask me).

The following is a solicitation for an International Yoga Vacation (2007) with Conny Larsson (on the Yoga Harmonia website, which is very much devoted to him) where he plays the role of a Meditation Instructor, Vedic Mantra Initiator and Psychic Healer:

International yoga vacation with Conny Larsson in the Sea Palace in Gaski near Sarbinowo. The Sea Palace is located ca 900 meters from the sea in a beautiful historical park of 6.5 ha, in a picturesque village of Gaski between Koeobrzeg and Koszalin.The location of the Sea Palace ensures a pleasant and tranquil retreat in a quiet setting. In the vicinity of the Palace there are numerous sports facilities such as volleyball and basketball courts, tennis court and children's playground. A guarded car park is also available. For an additional small charge the Palace offers hydromassage, magnotherapy, inhalation and various types of massage.Vacation period I: 29 June – 07 July – 8 days.Vacation period II: 07 July – 14 July – 8 days.Cost:

· 130 PLN (US $46) per night for a single room, full cost for 8 days 1040 PLN (US $368)

· 110 PLN (US $39) per night for a double room, full cost for 8 days 880 PLN (US $311), additional person who will not participate in classes 780 PLN (US $276)

· 100 PLN (US $35) per night, three- and four- bedrooms, full cost 800 PLN (US $283), additional person who will not participate in classes 700 PLN (US $248)

The number of single and double rooms is limited, and they are allocated on a first in first served basis. There is a bathroom and toilet in each room as well as TV and SAT equipment.Notifications of participation and advance payment of 200 PLN (US $70) should be made by 31 May 2007, either directly in the Harmonia Yoga Centre or by transfer to the following account:

Marianna Rykowska – Grzywna PKO BP S.A. Poznan
Nr 04 1020 4027 0000 1202 0204 9773

The advance payment will not be re-funded upon cancellations.A modernly equipped kitchen ensures tasty and wholesome home made meals, choice of normal and vegetarian meals. Light breakfast and two larger meals a day are planned. We start with dinner on the arrival day at 6 p.m.

Morning and afernoon hatha yoga classes will start and finish with meditation sesions with Conny Larsson. In the spare time you can rest in the park, visit local historical sites, sun bathe on the beach, and in the evening - listen to lectures, discuss and sing mantras with Conny Larsson.Organised by:

Anna Rykowska – Grzywna, Centrum Jogi HARMONIA ul. Towarowa 45 w Poznaniu
Phone. 66 58 159 lub 61/853 71 12 or mobile 600 220 961

You can find more about the Sea Palace at

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Conny Larsson even grants private sittings (essentially "private interviews") and believes in (and advocates for) the power of Vedic Mantras

Tie Dye Robe And Meditation Master Getting Serious

Sri Sri Conny Larsson And His Holier-Than-Thou Guru Pose

Conny Larsson studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and later turned on them and accused them both of sexual improprities. So what does Conny Larsson do? He sets himself up as a Meditation Teacher (i.e., "Guru"), a Vedic Mantra Initiator (he gives mantras to his 10,000 "students" and instructs them how to use them), became a Psychic Healer (in which he touches women in visually inappropriate ways), became a Trance Channeler, lectures on Yoga & spirituality, conducts seminars and teaches "Master Classes". Conny even built his own meditation retreat in Alsancak (6km outside Gime or Kyrenia) in Northern Cyprus. Conny Larsson has succumbed to the very same Guru-affliction he likes to trash and bash with others. Furthermore, Conny Larsson preaches "open-mindedness" but pubicly and bluntly censors those holding sectarian views.

What's next in this Anti-Sai three-ring circus?


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