Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fraudulent Screencap Published By Conny Larsson

Fraudulent Screencap Published By Conny Larsson
Although Joe Moreno has been saying for years that Conny Larsson and Anti-Sai Activists are frauds, cheats and liars, there is now more proof that Conny Larsson and Ex-Devotees are resorting to counterfeiting and deceit to wage their vicious smear-campaigns against Moreno.

On Conny Larsson’s Anti-Sai website (, he reproduced a fraudulent ‘screencap’ to Moreno's About Me webpage located on his geocities website. This is not the first time that Conny Larsson published fraudulent information against Moreno. See:

Relevant Screencaps:
The following screencap is the fraud published by Conny Larsson:

The following screencap is an original:

The following screencap is an original:

Obvious Discrepancies With The Bogus Screen-Cap:

  1. Picture is offset.

  2. Text is offset.

  3. Spacing between “~About Me~” and picture is incorrect.

  4. Spacing between picture and text is incorrect.

  5. Bogus screen-cap states “New Mexico ~” when it should read “New Mexico, USA~”.

  6. The line that reads “I’m captivated by India” should be on one line. On the bogus screen-cap, it isn’t.

  7. The background has clearly been altered. The text on the original page is tightly snuggled between two side-bars. Notice the vertical pink line on the bogus screencap (showing a gap where the other sidebar was obviously added). This vertical line is nowhere to be found on Moreno's geocities website.

  8. Notice that the space between the sidebars is much greater than it is on Moreno's geocities website. For instance, the sentence “For the past 14 years I have traveled many times to India” fills the entire space between the sidebars. On the bogus screencap, there is additional spacing on both sides of that sentence although the extra word “I’m” was added (note that the font size has been set in the html).

  9. The line that reads “I’m rational, logical and down to earth. Yes, seriously. I’m Caucasian/Italian/Mexican Blend and 34 years young” is the very last and concluding statement on the page. It is not (and never has been) located in the introductory comments.

About the screencap, Conny Larsson (an whomever helped him write his fraudulent article) said:

(screen captures are from a secondary source on the web which reproduced parts of his pages)

Needless to say, Moreno's geocities webpage has never been “reproduced” on his website. Therefore, the claim of a “secondary source” is a bold-faced and gutter lie. Why would critics need to rely on “secondary sources” anyway? The “secondary sources” admission proves that they did not obtain the screencap legitimately or directly from Moreno's geocities website.

Furthermore, Conny Larsson & Co. said:

“Joe Moreno originally had the photo of himself as above on his website, but he he removed it very soon after he began his attacks on ExBaba and associates. Why did he feel the need to do this? Is he worried that he could be recognised by people in the Sai movement when he goes to India etc.? It is true that thieves like anonymity and the dark, and it seems this also applies to thieves of copyright materials and defamers who fear consequences. By engaging in debate as a public figure on the www, he has - according to US law - to put up with his face (or rather his own ‘bust’) and chosen setting being exhibited by participant and observer parties.”

When Moreno provided a screencap to a picture of Robert Priddy and Kai Nicolai Priddy, the image was promptly removed. Why did Priddy feel the need to do this? Is he a “thief” who likes “anonymity and the dark”? To Date: You will not find a single picture of the vocal ex-devotees Barry Pittard, Brian Steel,
Dave Lyons, Reidun Priddy, Dennis Hanisch, among numerous other critics and ex-devotees. As a matter of fact, even Robert Priddy does not make his image publicly available on his websites either. Using Conny Larsson’s logic (illogic), all of these ex-devotees and critics are “thieves” who “like anonymity and the dark”. Since Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard publish pictures of Sai Devotees (without their permission) on their Anti-Sai blogs and websites, they are also “thieves of copyright materials and defamers who fear consequences”. Thank you Larsson & Co.

Although Reinier Van Der Sandt obtained and reproduced Moreno's picture on various defamatory webpages, he never provided a screen-cap to his original “About Me” webpage. This bogus screen-cap is being made public after a gap of three years (since January 2005).

If Anti-Sai Activists openly, shamelessly and fraudulently counterfeit screen-caps, what else are they counterfeiting and attempting to pass off as authentic to the general public? This type of cunning behavior is very disturbing and supports Moreno's position that ex-devotees are frauds, cheats and liars.